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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the intelligence committee rules out the allegations that iran is building nuclear weapons conclusion that sixteen separate agencies agree on. also no war against iran and resisting a foreign pressure over syria prime minister a presidential candidate by the putin outlines the policy issues of next week's election for russia's top job. focusing live from the heart of the russian capital this is our tehran character study war torn syria is gearing up for an unprecedented referendum on a new draft constitution that would put an end to five decades of single party rule but the opposition is calling on the population to boycott the vote which is set for sunday meanwhile the group of countries that buy the u.s. calling themselves friends of syria of course for tougher sanctions on them ask us
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. explains now what washington and its allies are urging. more than seventy nations. and western countries that took part in the meeting of so-called friends of syria have urged more sanctions against the regime of bashar al assad have condemned the violations of human rise here in syria and have called for an immediate valas happening here on the ground the members over this mission have also come out saying that the supports the idea of sending a joint u. and arab league peacekeeping troops to syria to move into the situation and to implement the cease fire we've been here in. a number of strong statements from the member of this group the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has said that bashar al assad will pay the high price for violations against its people and america has called for more economic sanctions against bashar assad particularly to avoid could fall from that country
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and to free syrian asses the u.s. has also sad following this meeting that it will give ten million dollars to scale up humanitarian efforts in syria it's actually really remains unclear exactly what they've been talking about what kind of after it's. they've been speculations and here throw in that it may be about a military action because just recently the u.s. didn't rule out the possibility of arming the rebels russia and china didn't take part in this mess in tunisia because they've opposed the idea to invite part of the syrian opposition and not to invite the representatives of the syrian government they've said that only the dialogue between these two sides will be able to bring any peace and prosperity in the country and. not inviting that is not is not possible is not acceptable actually. well the friends of syria conference has
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recognized the credibility of the syrian national council but stopped short of naming it the only legitimate power in the country german government consultant christophe horst told the nato allies are taking their regime change strategy from libya to syria. with this kind of friendship syria needs no enemies it is very very clear that what happens in syria is breaking any law or any international carter the current of the united nations this grass interference if they talk about whether they should you know militarily act in syria they are doing that nato is doing that right now under the table with the help of some corrupt arab states what we face here is some kind of you know prefabricated agenda that agenda is helpful you know if we see if the west is starting an uprising in iran it is helpful if they start uprisings all of the arab world of the northern africa and libya for example where the cia started it from scratch from zero here there was no
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such uprising against in the you know further with international allies and western media propaganda and now they are trying the same agenda and syria but as we notice everybody in the world who is watching closely notices that this kind of agenda simply doesn't work here opposition in syria is so badly this united they are so much you know in trouble with each other inside this opposition that there is no real thing we can do nato can do politically right now. america's intelligence community has ruled out allegations that iran is creating a nuclear bomb los angeles times reports that sixteen separate agencies of all reach the same conclusion iran is having international pressure over its nuclear program which it insists is for peaceful energy related purposes only u.s. and its allies have been piling up sanctions on tehran as they suspect it's trying to make nuclear weapons israel has repeatedly threatened to strike iran's nuclear
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sites. vanish from california state university says similar intelligence. by washington because they didn't sit well this ultimate donor. on. the issue of regime change story there are two of everything two nationally. is nearly or so it's first two thousand and seven. basically a savior that i'm actually reading from the. judge read high confidence that clause two thousand and three unquote its nuclear weapons program nevertheless when it came out using it would have ministration the people on the the only port obviously the obama assertion is not legally the support he did actually to close up in recent of taking place in iraq one has to do with. less than five percent of
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what has to do with twenty percent you reach twenty percent enrichment is intended to be used in a nuclear reactor which makes little for medical purposes for a long time near the so-called experience in us and these are a very clear means that you don't cannot actually need nuclear rods for that particular reactor you know who has actually started to put the nuclear rods into the reactor already so they are going to use those for the nuclear fuel the other you reach less than five percent of the number of centrifuges as they subtlety in their report. that doesn't mean that they're going to be quark's it really doesn't mean much. well meanwhile a thai police say they found no link between a spate of bombings in bangkok and attempts on the lives of israeli diplomats in georgia india and complicates matters for television which found a media frenzy by kissing iran of being behind all those attacks skeptics accuse
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israel of using allegations to both to support a military strike on iran's nuclear sites or to many reports now from tel aviv. the statement means that they have. a looks into possibility or whether or not the iranian nationals which they have in custody right now whether or not they weren't is connected to what seemed to be for a while this extensive terror plot which sought of course to attack israeli diplomats abroad and according to police indeed the two or any nationals who were arrested in bangkok just earlier this month are actually not connected to the terror plots in india and in georgia now the two men were arrested following a small explosion in a residential part of the city of bangkok they were apprehended and the in fact the radian government has condemned the terror attacks but there are some ways which are saying that this was in fact a large part and attempts by the israeli government to draw as much media attention as possible to the events in fact there was
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a media frenzy because the israeli government was going out of their way in order to make it look like all of their nationals world over are going to be under attack from iran and in fact they tried their utmost to paint iran as this ultimate evil power which is on the brink of just literally steps away from creating a nuclear bomb of course the until now we still have no evidence of that being the case iran insists that its nuclear program is purely for peaceful purposes and indeed there is no evidence to contradict that statement so of course this statement from the only shows only goes to show that in fact israel may have been pushing the whole iran is going to attack every israeli citizen in the world and it is steps away from creating the nuclear bomb in fact those statements may not have that much basis in reality. well still ahead for this are lashing out door in
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forces students in spain or search for protests against education cuts using the same time it's here previous right. and america on the brink of a new war is it as policymakers in the u.s. raise the alarm after a government websites or attacks by because somebody at the cyber scare is a phony threat which billions of dollars could be wasted. russia won't bend to foreign pressure of its stance on syria according to the putin who was defending moscow's recent veto of un security council resolution that and other robust points were made by the russian prime minister in the run up to next week's presidential election which opinion polls tipping to win it all of a has the details. well he was really addressing his standpoint on key foreign policy issues of course that election for president is coming up in just over a week's time and he was saying basically where he stands now with regards to syria
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he said that russia would not play along with anybody that they wouldn't just follow along with the herd when it came to opinion on the ongoing crisis in syria but it wasn't the only issue vladimir putin was addressing for a little while now the major fly in the argument between relations between moscow and washington has been the united states proposed missile defense shield in eastern europe now to me a puritan very strong words from him from the prime minister here saying that the united states needs to realize that russia had enough strength that they are the united states should be looking for a more constructive approach to finding a solution to the current impasse well iran was also on the lips of the prime minister vladimir putin saying that the allegations that iran was developing nuclear weapons was being used as an excuse to try and initiate regime change in the country and that russia's relationship with iran was different from other countries and so this is really as they just over a week before the elections now want to be approved outlying his stance on those
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key foreign policy issues. well cash strapped spanish students angry at their government's education cuts and alleged police violence are set to return to the streets they accuse offices of using heavy handed tactics at previous rallies of the protesters were charged and beaten with several hurt artie's sarah ferguson madrid. a lot of what happened at the beginning of the week then we saw the students that were protesting against the spending cuts to education clashing with the riot police at the demonstrations and scenes of the riot police and hitting some of the protest the locals that the local government representative there in palencia to resign and a lot of anger as well now the protests today are expected to again happen may need in the city of philadelphia this is an area that's really been mired in debt since the country's construction being bubble burst and they've really been the area that
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say some of the harshest spending cuts some of the students say that the classrooms don't even have basic heating now that is a claim that some of the government officials have that night we're going to be heading to here later in the states and find out what's happened and bring you the latest from the new protests but of course these are just part of the wider demonstrations we seeing happening in recent days but once again hundreds of thousands of people have been marching on the streets of day this is really the first wave of protests that the new conservative government has faced from the unions in the country i remember the government saying you've been in power a couple of months but the protests were mainly focused on the new labor reforms that will sit now in the short term is going to push unemployment hit even higher but of course spain at the moment you've already got. the forty nine percent unemployed twenty two percent unemployment amongst the whole population a really cripplingly high figure and the message from the government being that ok
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in the short term things are going to have to get worse before they get better but you who are got an incredibly tough situation for the people here it's not that these are bad reforms but a lot of the economists a lot of the people we've spoken to say very key measures to what do you need to have some good reforms in place of the timing of course it's such a tough economic time for the country this to very few measures. thing. that beats being right then i'll start to educate a time when the population of already. is very very risky and we will be angry just what can happen when you put that increased pressure on an already struggling population. sarah furthur posting from spain which has seen huge protests against the government's economic policies with another expected today. that a few minutes time we asked people in new york whether they're ready to help to help sinking economies if it was coming directly out of your pocket would you still
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be in support of the bailout now no doubt in my book. your opinion is coming your way shortly as greece agrees another rescue package to save its economy from the meltdown. and new face of religion in a secular country look at how new forms of this know sponsored from abroad change the culture of traditional values in one central asian republics. the u.s. government is about to declare a new war but this time the enemy is a virtual one a string of attacks on government websites by hackers has driven american policy makers into a state of high alert over so-called terrorist threat but some down to the danger even exists as artie's an offer for. it may seem like a quiet day in america but it's the scene of a raging battle invisible to the naked eye where there is war underway right now on the internet this is cyber war is the u.s. ready for a full scale cyber war a question asked at the highest levels of the u.s.
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government by fears of a new type of w m d a weapon of mass disruption in a world where acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists in suicide vests but from a few keystrokes on the computer the f.b.i. warns that those keystrokes could soon be more dangerous to america than terrorism itself to side with. well equal or surpass the threat from counterterrorism in the forseeable future a future that's got the world's military superpower preparing for the fight ahead of the next pearl harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our our power systems our grid cyber war cyber pearl harbor frightening language for a hypothetical scenario one that could happen but hasn't yet and some security experts like jim harper warn that it never will no chance whatsoever that nuclear power plants will be hacked that electric infrastructure will be hacked and taken
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down for any six significant period of time so the worst we can expect is disruption that's not war it doesn't really terrorize so the threats are serious but they're not to the level of war or terror yet some of the key leaders in the war on terror are now in the business of cyber war michael chaired off once ran the department of homeland security and he now runs a cyber security consulting firm you could have a cyber attack that would be as consequential in terms of the economy maybe even in terms of loss of life as things we typically your source it was more frightening once america's top spy chief mike mcconnell now oversees cyber operations for a defense contracting giant where the most volatile nation on earth to a cyber attack and anti-terrorism czar richard clarke went from advising presidents on cyber security to publishing books about the coming cyber war for once it would be nice for the united states to be able to get out in front of
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a catastrophe to be able to prevent that catastrophe we know how to do it we just need to spend the money and the money is flowing the u.s. government will spend more than ten billion a year on cyber security by two thousand and fifteen you know worldwide market that's estimated at eighty to one hundred forty billion dollars a year the budget. they were releasing today it's one of the few areas where the white house plans to increase spending despite other defense cuts and that some say is the problem it's going to be even more tempting for folks in the you know the defense contracting community for example to hype cyber threats because that's one of the few stream that madi you know sort of forbes magazine contributor shawn lawson is an expert in cybersecurity it's a classic case of an attempt to sort of motivate a response by rally the troops by appealing to fear uncertainty and inside the beltway fear and uncertainty can lead to big business and big bucks most people
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don't understand the problems with computer and data security most people in washington don't understand it specifically most people in congress don't understand therefore the quote unquote beltway bandits are in a position to create the problem to state the problem and offer their own services as a solution. a battle does rage here invisible to the naked eye a war for money contracts and power. washington. where you read more about the prying eyes of american corporations on our website www dot com find out how your personal files with a soon at google's disposal to use that the web giant's discretion. and moving a little turbulence helicopter in brazil or something shaky landing on more to come . islam is on the rise in many central asian republics in
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kurdistan which has always prided itself as a secular state religion is starting to play a greater role in everyday life politics and economy but there are fears that religious freedom and influences from abroad mean facts corrupt the country's traditional values and so on a boy has a story. it's a mix of religious compliance and teenage defiance ever since fourteen year old daughter had left the school half a year ago she never misses a chance to walk past it in full muslim dress who was first put out teachers wouldn't let me enter the school with my head covered or where i'm going to buy it so for the past three months that i was studying here i had to find a place to change before classes into a secular close now i can be what i want to be but that came at a cost in order to have here to the muslim dress code i had had to transfer to an adult learning center with follower educational standards she still wants to get a university degree but if she succeeds she'll be an exception. i personally know
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many girls who are muslims like myself and who faced with the ban on head cover just had to quit schools altogether and now stay at home your former school doesn't require students to wear uniforms in fact her heart says none of her classmates was ever reprimanded for wearing short skirts a low cut tops the school officials are doing their best to draw a veil over this controversy they refused to comment saying only that they have to abide by the school dress code which bans students from covering their had so wearing any other religious symbols while in class this case is quite common for kyrgyzstan a former soviet your public and central asia that over the past decade has witnessed a dramatic rise of the more conservative islam the country of five and a half million people already has around two thousand mosques and the state has little control or even understanding what is being preached in them. up to eighty percent of new mosques were built through some sort of partnership with arab
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countries mainly sell your arabia or qatar and they provide more than money for the exploit their ideology here we already have politicians calling for the creation of caliphate. is this rapid changes. cultural and religious norms that worries many of the country's liberals were not a bribe or teachers social scientists of kyrgyzstan the most prestigious university oh. she says she was a strong supporter of religious freedom until she visited her home village last year a glass slipper whole it then they say when we lived there we didn't have a mosque now there are three all built by foreign jonas as i was walking past one of the mosques i saw three young women all covered in black and i wanted to come up to them and say look around you can get through much with your life but i held myself back because who might tell them anything a minute later they came up to me and started saying sister don't turn away from
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the border and that moment i understood that my country has changed it's now a country where i can't tell anyone how to live their life but muslims feel they can vigil of what were not a few years that if muslims in kurdistan are given full really just freedom it would be just a matter of time before other basic rights are done away with still she says she would rather have all sorts of had where in her classroom than the risk students had been filled by the wrong lessons elsewhere it's not going to artsy kurdistan. well some world news in brief for you now this hour multiple blasts and gunfire rocked the northeast nigerian town of goma killing at least four people reports said a police station in the prison were among the targets islamists said to boko haram which once sharia law in nigeria has been named the group has carried out waves of bombings and assassinations across the country in recent months. violent anti
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american protests of continued into a fourth day in afghanistan and fury over the burning of the koran at a nato air base twenty people including two u.s. soldiers have died in the demonstrations and schools injured were earlier this week afghan workers at a u.s. military base discovered several of them was their holy books an incinerator a bomber has since apologized for the incident. yemen's new president of the rebel mansour hadi has been sworn in his inauguration was the only candidate in an election held earlier this week and so was vice president on. down after three decades as ruler power transfer deal to end months of violent unrest and huge protests sunday is the fourth leaders' swept from office in the arab spring term. and italy's former prime minister silvio berlusconi is awaiting a verdict corruption charges are expected in saturday prosecutors allege he paid
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a six hundred thousand dollars bribe to protect his business interests be found guilty could receive a five year prison sentence in a scary is also on trial for sex with underage prostitutes abuse of power tax fraud and violating official secrets. now greece has just agreed another bailout to stop it going broke but the deal is hugely unpopular in the country due to the big cuts being demanded by the e.u. and i.m.f. in return but our own reston to new york asked people there what they think about the latest rescue package for an economy in deep trouble. greece is getting another bailout one hundred thirty billion euros is that a good idea this week let's talk about that do you know what's going on in greece right now. you know idea you got the wrong person greece. more.
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than then greece their butts out so what's greece is going to do to us whether they were there save that matter for the third largest. g.d.p. in the world you've got to worry about greece. they only got good. i'm from germany . and the greens have a. the we should help. you ok with that you don't feel like there should be responsible for themselves. if it was coming directly out of your pocket would you still be in support of the bailout no no doubt in my book. though as long as that other european countries the ok with that but. stay out i think we have to start to think globally and we all have to build each other out and try to get this thing back on track so that means shouldering other people's responsibilities are you ok with that. yes or no you know part of me says no i work hard i do what i'm
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supposed to do done how my parents raised me work hard pay my taxes not all those things but if that goes then that affects me and affects my children to whether or not people even know what's going on with the greece bailout the bottom line is it's happening let's see if this one will make it different. the russian pilots have safely landed a passenger plane minus one set of wheels. but damage the plane that flew for two hundred kilometers the last part of its landing gear. made a decision to make an emergency landing after all for over an hour to dump fuel. crews were on the scene and despite the danger there was no panic. unscathed from the incident. weather update on today's top stories in just
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a few moments. the be.
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